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Customise Reminders

Customise Control for Patients

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Waiting room alerts

Three Steps to waiting Room for patients

System Test

Connect from Invites

Access to Waiting Room

Comprehensive solution for the NHS

Virtual Consulting Room Controls

Switch On and Off

Invite multiple participants

Privacy for Group consultations

Pseudonym options for Patients


Fully compliant with GDPR

Patients consent for Recording display

Alerts on Recordings

Switch on and off anytime

Post Consultation Management made easy

Review and code – Decision Outcomes

Consultation type

Able to record DNA or Failed Encounters

View – Secure Recordings

Analytics for Video Consultations

Real time view

Appointments by date and period

Demand and usage graphs

Failed Encounter charts

Decision outcomes

Average time spent displays

Demographic splits

Patients benefits of Ouris Video Consultation

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Additional Benefits

Manage Appointments

Health and wellbeing features

Mobile & Desktop Connectivity

Confirm or Reject attendance

Request alternative dates and times

Security – Standards

Assured by NHS England in DFOCVC Framework

ISO27001 Certified

DSP Tool Kit - Exceeded Expectations

Cyber Essentials Plus certified

GDPR Compliant

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