Ouris for NHS

A simple and an easy way to connect with patients.

Assured by NHS England DFOCVC Framework

Over 65 Epics in the Framework

Live chat

Asynchronous messaging

Available as Web & Mobile APPs for Patients

Ouris offers a feature rich cloud solution

Direct Messages
Manual Triage

Team Members

Triage & Decision Outcomes

Digital Triage Simplified

Manual Triage by Teams

Prioritise requests from at risk patients

Measure KPI's on Triage

Analytics on Triage

Access control made easy

Manage weekly hours

Switch on/off any time

Avoid Burn outs by Virtual Door controls

Control access by Clock, Timer and Numbers

Able to set the door to provide access only to a certain number of patients




Manage controls to your practice needs

Switch On /Off Triage

Patients Priority Setting controls

File and Image Upload Control settings for patients

Triage response time and alert controls.

KPIs for Request responses and get breach alerts

Live chat and Asynchronous messages


Send and receive Instant messages and files from patients

Create a team message for a patient (Internal)

One dashboard for team to manage messages received Online Telephone Walk-ins

SMS Communications Simplified

Multiple ways to communicate with patients


Zero cost communications with your patients and Colleagues

Reduce your SMS cost by switching to Ouris

Send any number of messages – Notifications, E-Mails, APP

Send Questionnaires and Self Help links to patients at Zero cost

Patients Feedbacks to improve your services

Feedback questionnaires can be sent manually or automated after consultations

Receive updates on completion

Analytics simplified on feedbacks


Analytics for the Practice and CCG

Manage your demands effectively and efficiently

Multiple screen displays

Volume display – Hourly, Weekly, Monthly

Types of requests Decision Outcomes

Triage statistics Demographic splits

Communications between Teams and Other Organisations

Send and receive internal messages with your Organisation

Copy messages to patients

Send and receive files