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Guest user(Web user) - You can send online request to your practice without registering with Ouris Health.

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Online Consultation Method

Live Chat

Messages – Asynchronous Messaging

Live Chat

You can chat live with your practice when it is switched on.

Chat messages are instant and in real time.


These are asynchronous message conversations and are not instant Live Chats. Your practice will be alerted when you make this request.

Opening and Closing Alerts

You can see the status of the Practice – OPEN or CLOSED for Specific type of request (Live Chat/Messages)

If they are closed you can view the opening times.

When the practice is closed you cannot place a request and if it is an emergency, you should visit your nearest A&E or call 999.

Verify your ID

Telephone or E-mail OTP Request

Confirm your OTP

Verification successful

Admin help Request

Administrative requests can be made

Sick/Fit note requests

Blood tests booking

Blood test results


other admin type requests

Medical help Request

You can complete a simple form about a New Problem , Old Problem, or a Mental health problem and able to send them online for your practice to manage them online.

Find accredited
Health information by NHS

NHS services

Health Conditions

Health Videos

Select of request

This section allows you to send a request for


Someone else over 16

For a minor under 18

Request for someone else
- Another Adult

Another person should be registered with the practice.

Request for a Minor

When you request for a Minor – You need to have an authority to place a request and the patient need to be registered with the practice to respond.

Patient Verification

It is mandatory for patients to be registered with the GP practice to make a request.

Verification of – First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender and Postcode

Failure of Verification

If a verification has failed – you cannot submit a request . You need to verify manually with your practice.

Selection of Priority

Practices can allow you to select your priority of request for Online consultation.

Urgent or Non-Urgent – Select them appropriately to help practices to manage requests.

You will get an alert about possible response time by the practice.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE FOR EMERGENCIES – If you have an emergency call 999.

Preferred Contact Time and Method

Allows your practice to view and understand your availability – If they need to contact you.


You can upload 5 files optionally with your request (Images, Documents, Videos)

Allowed files - 'avi','mp4','3gp','mov'

Sizes – 2MB

Intimate Images

You should not upload intimate images even if your practice has requested them.

Example Areas covering - Genitalia, Anus, Breasts

The images you upload are shared with in the practice and it can be shared outside with other NHS organisation providing care for you.

If you have uploaded intimate images – It can alert your practice and they can delete them permanently.

If you have problems in intimate region , discuss with your practice and not to upload images.

Triage forms

These are simple forms to help and assist your practice to understand your problem or request

They are templated and you can free text them.

Summary of Request

You can review and provide consent before submitting your request

Confirmation of request

Sent by E-mail or by APP Notifications

Chat Request

When you place a chat request, you are taken to a live chat page and wait for
your practice team to connect with you.

Updates on Request

Your practice when updating the request, you get automated E-mails on the status. This is for Asynchronous messaging only.

Closure of Request

You get E-mail notifications on closure with a summary of Online consultation for both Live chats and Messages.


Your practice can send you request for your opinion to improve services.

You can provide feedbacks on (Practice and Ouris Technology)