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A simple click and send from your patient record

Messaging made easy

Single Message

Batch Messaging

Birthday Wishes


Never miss out reminders

Schedule messages

Select date and time and all set to go

Single schedule or a Batch Schedule

Increase patient engagements

Appointment Reminders

Reduce No Shows or DNAs

Health Checks

Medication Reminders

Video Call Links

Reading Reminders

Send links for Online Questionnaires

Improve your clinical performance & stay on top of patient’s health

Performance review of practice

Send Feedback links to patients

Family and Friends Test

Manage your time effectively

Create own Templates

Work within your budget

Ouris offers Zero cost communications for Digital patients

Send APP and E-mail Notifications

SMS Dashboard

Tracking of SMS to show status of delivery

Detailed analytics of usage

Delivery Status


Connect with your NHS Professionals

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