• Ouris offers registrations for over 18 years of age only. Under 18s could be added to an adult parent account.
  • Use our website and register with Ouris to complete registration .
  • Enter your personal details to create a web account which needs a Mobile number verification and an E-mail verification .This is used to validate your account.
  • On registration – you need to complete basic ID and health question requirements to assist your health professional.

Do I need to register for Mobile APP and Web separately?

  • Ouris Health NHS solution is FREE to use and available to Download from Google Play store and App Store

Video Appointments

  • Ouris is working towards integration with GP and Hospitals existing software to provide this functionality
  • Video appointments are created by your NHS practice or Hospital department . They are displayed for your information ,when you log in to the portal. This allows easy access to connect with your practice.
  • Once an appointment is created by your Health Provider you will be sent a link to your mail ID or a SMS message to connect with the call.
  • If you have a registered Ouris Health Account, you can log in to join the call.
  • No , You can receive links to connect for a video call by the link sent to your E-mail or by SMS.
  • Registered users have more benefits with video calls (View past appointments, If recorded access to recordings, Private Notes, and files)
  • Confirm that it is for you or someone you are proxy for.
  • Follow the link and instructions to join
  • This depends on your organiser request, if it is set as mandatory you need to provide a valid ID in advance of the consultation. You can upload them to the portal.
  • Your ID is passed to your Organiser for verification and auto deleted from the portal after the end of the end of the consultation.
  • This is test for your device to make you ready for the video call, so that your appointment goes through with out any issues.
  • We test your – Internet speed, Speaker, MIC and Video and get you ready for the call.
  • No, you can join only 5 minutes before the event.
  • When you join , you are taken to a virtual waiting room and wait for your health care professional to join you.
  • Yes, after the event is over, you can end the call, or your organiser can end the call.
  • Yes, depending on the controls set by the Organiser. If your organiser has allowed you to control, you can mute and unmute them.
  • You cannot request a call but if you are a registered proxy for that patient, your practice or health care professional can send a link to you to connect.
  • You can access the link or Join as a parent under the child account.
  • Children under 18 years cannot connect with the call without a parent or guardian account.
  • Yes, when you are requesting one, ask your practice to add you to the Invite.
  • You can do a live chat with your Health Care professional during a video call and be able to send files to help your GP or Hospital health professional.
  • Recording options are controlled by your Health care professional, if the permission is given to you for recording, you can record them and be able to access after the consultation. (They are encrypted and stored securely, and they will play only in your log in)
  • If the event is being recorded, alert will be displayed for all users.
  • Yes, you can hide your real name and display a nick name for other patients in a group consultation.
  • The organiser will be able to see your real and nick name.
  • You can download Ouris Patients APP from App Store and Google play store.
  • If you are a registered Ouris user, you can download OURIS APP and perform the same functions as web.
  • If you are not a registered user, you can still access your appointment by following the link sent by your Health care professional.
  • The videos are stored in a secure place within UK and comply with ISO27001 standards, GDPR and they are 256 bit encrypted. They will play only in your log in with secure credentials.
  • You can access them for 3 months and after we archive them .You need to make a request to

Online Consultations – Chat & Messages

  • You can contact the practice without having to wait on the phone or visit to the practice.
  • You need an Internet connection and a device (Computer / Smart Phone) to use this service.
  • No, you can send online messages to your practice without registering with Ouris health by using your Practice or Hospital website. Follow the links from the practice website and post a request.
  • If you are a registered user – You have more benefits (Managing current and past messages and able to keep track and receive notifications)
  • Ouris provides live Direct Messaging (Chats) like what’s APP and a normal messaging system (Not Instant) with your Practice and Hospital.
  • You can make a request for (Appointments, Admin Requests, Prescriptions, Sick notes, Blood Tests, Health Check appointments, Forms and may more)
  • You should not use it for Emergency Enquiries. For emergencies you need to contact 999 or visit your nearest A&E.
  • This allows you to send an admin (Example – Prescriptions) and a medical (Medical problems) request to your practice any time (247) depending on the opening hours of the practice.
  • You can get replies from your practice and be able to respond to questions.
  • Saves time and effort travelling to practice.
  • No need to worry about Parking.
  • Get help quicky and no queues!
  • Less covid Exposure
  • This could save your time and assist your practice to manage request efficiently.
  • This depends on the opening and closing hours of your practice. Ouris will be alerting you on the status of them when you post a question.
  • Yes, if you are a proxy for that patient.
  • Yes, If you are the parent or guardian for the child.
  • Children under 18 years cannot place a request directly without a parent or guardian account.
  • You can send pictures or documents to your Health Care professional in advance or during your chat to help your GP or Hospital health professional.
  • Yes, you can view the live status of your requests when you log into Ouris health and communicate with your practice. Updates on the status or requests are notified to you by E-mail, SMS and by your APP Notification.
  • If you are not registered with Ouris Health, you can get notified by E-mail and by SMS depends on your practice.
  • Ouris allows you to export your consultations on completion. If you are a registered user, you can view all your consultations online and export anytime.


  • They are like SMS messages sent online by your practice to your web account or to Ouris APP.
  • You cannot reply to them.

Self Help

  • Ouris is integrated with A-Z NHS and the information displayed are dynamically shown from NHS site.
  • You can get help with Health Conditions, Pregnancy, Social Care and Support, Health Videos and able to find local NHS services.

Ouris Health Diary

Ouris Health offers a digital health diary, you can manage your health and wellbeing.

Ouris health Diary allows you to self-manage certain parameters like

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Temperature
  • Breathing
  • Oxygen levels (Saturation)
  • Weight
  • Height
  • BMI
  • Daily Mood Changes

You can record them by date and time and be able to view them in a list or in a Graph.

Can I export the readings from Ouris Health Diary?

  • Yes, the solution allows you to export and share with your practice.

What does a Normal Value mean ?

  • The levels shown are referenced in UK by NICE (National institute of clinical excellence and popular monitoring bodies like – British Hypertensive society, NHS A-Z)
  • The normal values may not be normal for all person and these should not be referenced, and you should always discuss it with your health care professional.
  • The values are referenced only for Adults and for children they change, and you need to consult your treating health professional.

Setting Targets?

  • Ouris allows you to set targets to your readings to assist you to manage and visualise your reading to target.

Can I set reminders to take my Blood pressure?

  • We have the functions in Web, and you can set reminders to alert you to make a reading.

Can I set reminders for Medications?

  • Yes, in the same way as Blood pressure.

What is a symptom recorder?

  • You can use Ouris APP or web application to record and manage symptoms. You can record a new symptom (Example – Headaches) and able to enter its daily severity levels (1-10) and place them in a graph. This could be exported and shown to your doctor for medical advice to help with diagnosis and Treatment.
  • Ouris Symptom checker do not diagnose or treat symptoms, you should consult your doctor for advice.

What can Ouris do for Covid?

  • Vaccination details and side effects if any
  • Covid Symptoms – Specific for covid related symptoms, able to records and manage its severity.
  • Long Covid Symptom Management

What is Virtual Ward and Admissions?

  • When your GP or Hospital using Ouris Health admits you to a Virtual ward – (Keeping you at home and to monitor you remotely) these features get activated.
  • You can update your vitals and communicate with your GP or consultant during your admission.
  • c. This function helps you and the Health care professional to manage your health condition safety at home.

Ouris NHS - Health care professionals

(Practices , Hospitals and Social Care Organisations)
  • Ouris NHS solution is for GP Practices, CCGs, PCNs, UCCs, WICs, NHS Trust, Community Pharmacies, Social Care Organisations.

Why Ouris for your Practice ?

  • Ouris is a bespoke solution for Online and Video consultations for Health and Social care Organisations offering more features at a reduced cost for NHS. (Value for money)
  • Ouris offers 65 features from DFOCVC catalogue and the only solution packed with features.
  • Ability to Triage and Assign requests to teams to manage requests.
  • Solution has a Mobile APP version and offers more health benefits via Health Diary and symptom tracker.
  • Additional features – APP notifications, SMS , Feedbacks are built into the solution to assist with QOF.
  • Ouirs Health Diary is a MHRA registered product.[ManName]Contains(%22ouris%22)&SearchOrder=4
  • You can video connect with your team members and outside your organisation for a Joint call or for an MDT Meetings. (Professional to professionals)
  • Send and receive referrals from Multi Organisations.
  • Control your teams workload using Ouris Access – Virtual door features – Avoid staff burn outs.
  • Set reminders to manage and monitor health diary parameters of your patients – Example – Set reminders for your patients to record BP, Saturations or Pulse and many more.
  • Set Traffic light alerts for patient’s vitals to attend to the most at risk.
  • Admit patients remotely and monitor them (Virtual ward features). >>LINK FOR VIRTUAL WARD FEATURES
  • You can group covid patients and remotely manage them using Covid Features – Vaccination Side effects, Symptom Tracker and long covid symptoms.

Video Appointments

  • Ouris provides a comprehensive solution for Online and Video consultations for Health care providers.
  • Video Consultations offers multiple features and give you a full control of the consultation.
    • Single and Group Consultations - You can send a link to connect now or later by appointment time.
    • Proxy Consultations
    • Chat and File transfers
    • Virtual Waiting room
    • Consent
    • Pseudo name options for patients
    • Record functions
    • Control for patients MIC and Camera
  • View more features and flows of Video consultation for Health and care professionals
  • Ouris is working towards GP connect and Hospital system integrations to provide this facility.
  • Currently, Ouris solution is independent and on completion of Consultation (Copy and Paste) the link to parent solution to get the data instantly.
  • You can also E-mail to your account the extract of the consultations.
  • Currently you cannot do them , we are working towards a full integration with GP connect systems.
  • Patients receive an invite by E-mail and SMS to connect as a link.
  • Registered patients with Ouris health can access through APP and Website and manage appointments.
  • Both Registered and Unregistered patients could respond to the invite.
  • From your practice log in you create an invite and send to your patient with optional special instructions and documents to the appointment.
  • Patients can receive them and accept the invite or request a reschedule , which gets notified to you.
  • The solution is flexible for you to sent invites to registered proxy to patient and for a new proxy.
  • Yes, you can create up to a maximum of 8 invites for now for group events. If requiring more, contact our support to enable additional users.
  • You can send invites to patients in Nursing homes in a normal way . Links are sent to the proxy to connect.
  • Nursing homes using Ouris health solution will be able to view them in the same way as a registered patient user and connect with the call.
  • You can place a patient on hold in call – Virtually you can send them back to waiting area and bring them back.
  • Yes, you can, and it is instant messages
  • Yes, you can send private messages to patients without disclosing to others.

Online Consultations

  • Ouris has two types of messaging solution for NHS Online consultations
  • You can use Chat (Instant Messages) and normal Messaging option to connect with patients.
  • Chat is an instant live messaging system like What’s APP to connect with patients.
  • Patients can post a message and receive responses from you.
  • Registered patients can place an Online request to your practice by selecting CHAT OR MESSAGE option from an Ouris account.
  • Unregistered users can place a request from your website link – (Ouris places a plug in to your home page, when the patients select the request, it directs to your request page)
  • They can prioritise the request by (High , Medium, and Low)
  • They are taken through a serious of Triage questions to provide a detailed reason for request. (Questions are split by Admin or Medical)
  • More about Online Consultations >>> LINKS TO A NEW PAGE
  • We alert at every step of request not to use this method of enquiry for Emergencies, and we direct them to contact 999 or to visit a nearest A&E.
  • Only registered patients with your practice can make a request.
  • Parents or Guardians are mandatory for a child request.
  • Registered patients could place a request via Proxy.
  • Yes , they could request a preferred clinician as optional.
  • Yes, we have options for patients to enter a preferred time and method of contact.
  • Patients get acknowledgment from your practice on placing a request and updates on the request (Update notifications are controlled by your practice)
  • Updates are sent by E-mails , APP notifications and SMS.
  • Yes, Ouris has a comprehensive triage solution to connect with the most urgent request.
  • Ouris offers triage set up and allows you to set triage rules depending on your practice needs.(Example – Request from children under 18 could be set as urgent and many more options)
  • You can manage requests through your dashboard and assign to most appropriate staff to manage request.
  • We have taken feedbacks seriously and added this new feature of ACCESS CONTROL.
  • We provide you a VIRTUAL DOOR to your practice and you can set the volume of request you receive to manage your workflow.
  • Solution offers your opening and closing hours set up and they get displayed to the patients, when they place a request.
  • Yes, Ouris offers a set up page, in which you can create your own automated responses for patients.
  • Yes, Ouris provides team availability page to manage status.
  • Ouris allows patients to place request with an urgency order for you to manage.
  • Triage functions of Ouris helps your team to prioritise requests.
  • Setting up target times to triage alerts you to avoid request getting breeched.
  • You can send files, texts, and template links to your patients.
  • Ouris provides links to self help pages to patients as options to find health information materials and Videos by NHS.

Managing Nursing Home Request

  • Ouris offers a Nursing home portal for nursing homes to register and function in a similar way like patients.
  • We treat them as business and offer an exceptionally low cost to manage patients using the portal. It is less than 25 pence per patient per year.
  • We have added more triage functions to request coming from a nursing home to practice.
  • For sick patients the request form consists of NEWS2 readings and RESTORE2 questions to help you to triage the request and make appropriate management.
  • They can place admin and medical request like patient’s portal

Professionals to Professionals

  • Yes, you can connect with any organisation registered with Ouris to send and manage request.
  • You can send a Video call link, Post messages and Chat.
  • You can send documents (Referrals)
  • You can chat anytime with your team members using ouris.
  • Connect with video calls anytime.
  • No and it comes as part of the solution.

SMS & Notifications

  • Ouris offers a comprehensive SMS package as Associated service in DFOCVC framework.
  • You can send an instant SMS to a single or to a group of patients .
  • Bulk send SMS.
  • Schedule an SMS for invitations or recalls.
  • Send links with SMS.
  • You can send all types of messages using ouris.
  • You can send special messages (Birthdays, Recalls, feedbacks, Health checks and many more)
  • Notification is an APP message used to connect with users, it is at ZERO cost.
  • It functions the same way as SMS, but it does not cost you.


  • Ouris offers a bespoke feedback request and collection to your practice.
  • Provides GMC style feedbacks sent to patients Ad hoc or in Bulk.
  • You can collect feedbacks on Online and Video Consultations.

Remote Monitoring & Virtual Ward

  • Ouris provides patients a health diary to manage health and well being at home.
  • Ouris practice solution connects with patients to help with remote monitoring.
  • You can virtually admit a patient in your remote monitoring room and monitor patients’ vitals.
  • For hospitals – You can create Virtual wards by departments and admit patients remotely and monitor.
  • Set alerts for vitals and other parameters and connect with patients by a video call.
  • Alerts help you to attend to the patient in need and to offer urgent attention.
  • More details on Virtual ward features >> LINK
  • You can send and receive messages using Ouris Online consultation functions.
  • Connect via Video call if required.
  • Yes , you can discharge the patient and readmit If required.
  • You can delay admissions from your practice to Hospital by placing the patient I your virtual room. Get alerts if urgent care is required.
  • Hospitals could discharge patients early and monitor remotely .
  • Help with Chronic diseases and patients needing frequent and a close care.
  • Help with early detection and prevention of chronic conditions.
  • Saves Beds for NHS and reduces waiting list times.


  • Analytic features of Ouris health helps your practice to view your practice demand , capacity, and delivery of services.


  • Ouris has achieved multiple accreditations and it is assured by NHS England.
  • Our Accreditations –
    • GDPR compliant
    • DSP Tool kit Compliant
    • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
    • ISO 27001 Certified
    • ISO 9001 Certified
    • ISO 22301 Certified

Ouris for Nursing and care Homes

How to register a nursing or a care home?

  • Use our web portal to register as a Nursing home.

What benefits does it provide?

  • Ouris solution works in a similar way to patient's portal but provide more advanced features for Nursing and care homes.
  • You can manage multiple patients and connect with practices or Hospitals.
  • Set reminders for your daily tasks to avoid delays.
  • Share critical information with your practice or Hospitals Online and no more telephone call holds.
  • Multi team connectivity to assign tasks and manage them.