Real time updates of Health and Wellbeing Information from Patients

Identify at Risk Patients


Better Clinical Outcome

How it works?

  • Patients Registration with Ouris - Web or APP

  • Share Health Diary with Health Care professionals

  • Record & Monitor

  • Intervene on Alerts

  • Disease Prevention






Health care professionals

View - Patients Health & Well being entries

Set Target & Monitor

Assign team to manage alerts


Remind patients by SMS and E-mail

Vitals Monitoring made easy

Blood pressure

Record and share for early detection


Manage changes and get alerts


Alerts on raised temperature

Intervene Early

Automated NEWS-2 values


Set normal values for monitoring

Manage patients using devices

Early detection of deterioration during Covid


Record Breathing rates

Rate customisation for specific patients

Get alerts on abnormal values

Lifestyle monitoring by Ouris

Weight and BMI

Set Target, Track and Manage

Waist Measures

Keep on top of waist


Early detection of Low Mood and Depression

Reach out to patients early

Symptom Tracker

Record and Manage

Record Severity

Visual display of symptoms

Export and Share

MHRA Registered

Self - Help

NHS - Self Help Health Information

Up to date NHS information on Health Conditions

Mental Health help

Health Videos

Benefits for patients

Record entries at convenient times

Visual display for entries

Share remotely with professionals for advice

Reduced travel or calls to practice

Increased use of self-help materials

Compliance on Medications

Benefits for health care organisations

Staying closer with patients Health and well being

Early detection of chronic conditions

Early Intervention

Monitoring made easy by alerts

Reduced travel and calls by patients to practice

Keeping staff safe

Improve Health and wellbeing of population

More patients can be monitored

Reduce Mortality

Significant savings

APP is free for patients