Complaints Policy

This Policy governs the website located at Ouris ('the Website') and the mobile applications (together, 'the Platform'). The Platform is owned and operated by Ouris Health [Ouris health Limited , 5300 Lakeside , Cheadle Royal Business Park , Cheadle , Cheshire , United Kingdom ] ('Ouris').

Ouris is a platform which allows users to interact and as such we take no responsibility for the actions of users on our platform. However, at Ouris we take customer service very seriously and we want to ensure that our users enjoy the use of our platform. We adopt the highest standards when it comes to managing, responding to and resolving our customers’ concerns.

We agree to attempt to resolve any issues between users.

If you have a complaint about a Health Professional or practice or about the Platform please contact us through the following link: Please state the reason for the complaint in detail including:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Ouris ID
  • Appointment date & Time
  • Health professional name and Speciality
  • Description of the event made you to complain
  • If you have any documents attach them

Our commitment to you

We aim to resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently by:

  • Allowing you to tell us about your complaint
  • Undertaking an investigation of the matter
  • Providing a detailed response
  • Ensuring you are satisfied that we have handled your complaint fairly

How can we help

We will review your complaint and, if it is regarding a Health Professional, we shall contact them and try and resolve the complaint on your behalf.

If we find there is sufficient proof to back your complaint, we may either provide a warning or suspend the other user’s account directly, depending on the gravity of the situation.

We aim to acknowledge your complaint within three (3) working days after we receive the complaint and we will investigate and write back to you within twenty (20) working days . If we are unable to reply within 20 days we shall notify you about the delay and the expected time we can reply.

Please note we are unable to retrieve any money already paid as we are not in an arbitrational role. Should you wish to claim any money paid, you will need to do so via the courts. Any issues or claims are between the customer and the health professional.

If the complaint is about our Platform, we will endeavour to resolve your issues swiftly and promptly to ensure you are satisfied.


We are limited in our resolve of user disputes and as such we take not liability for any disputes we cannot satisfactorily resolve. Users understand and agree that by submitting a complaint to us, we are merely attempting a resolution and we cannot guarantee any resolve. We shall not be held responsible for any unresolved complaints.

If you are still unhappy

If your complaint is in relation to a Health Professional or practice, you can refer the complaint to:

  • Health Professionals Regulatory body : Example : General Medical council for UK Registered doctors
  • Local Government Ombudsman (LGO)
  • Parliamentary and Health service Ombudsman (PHSO)
  • Independent sector complaints adjudication service ( ISCAS)
  • Care Quality Commission ( CQC)
  • Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)
  • NHS England